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PAGH, Pakistan Association of Greater Houston, is a non-profit organization that has provided a platform for Pakistanis in the Greater Houston to interact and remain connected to their roots. PAGH’s efforts include cultural, sporting and family events, to cater to the wide range of members. Concerts and performances featuring Pakistani artists, EID gatherings, Ramadan activities, Cricket and Sports Carnivals, Women lecture series and information-sessions are some of the ways that PAGH brings its members together.

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  • Pakistanis in Houston gathered together at the Pakistan Center of PAGH to attend the flag-raising ceremony on August 14th. Despite hot weather, a large number of people participated with their families to show their love for Pakistan. The ceremony began with raising the Pakistani flag.......

  • PAGH organized a very successful IFTAR dinner boxes distribution at Pakistan Center in collaboration with Mr. Muhammad Baig of Louisiana Fried Chicken. People turn up in large numbers and all the food was distributed in just one and a half hour....

  • It was an evening charged with the spirit of patriotism and unity. Organized by PAGH, under the leadership of Mr. Haroon Sheikh, president of PAGH and a new Director of programs , Houston’s very own Mahmood Ahmed. The event was attended by notable Pakistanis and......


Pakistan the Beautiful

“From the culture and infectious energy of the cities to its breathtaking mountains and valleys… Bring an adventurous spirit and an open mind, and you won’t have to find your way off the beaten track in Pakistan. The way will find you.”

Blogger, Alex Reynolds